100% Electric

Renault ZOE

300 km of autonomy in real conditions

Renault ZOE

Electric drive

Renault ZOE reinvents electric mobility. Enjoy smooth, zero-emission driving without engine noise or speed.
Renault ZOE - image en transparence de la batterie et de son emplacement

Your battery

With a power of 41kWh, the ZOE battery concentrates almost 100 times more energy than a conventional 12 volt battery and 5000 times more energy than your smartphone. Installed under the vehicle and protected by a specific box, it is the most expensive part of your vehicle.
Renault ZOE - focus sur écran R-LINK Evolution avec application Z.E. Trip

Travel with confidence

Locate the available charging points near you with the Z.E. Trip directly integrated into your R-LINK Evolution navigation system.
Renault ZOE - homme préconditionnant son véhicule électrique garé sur le parking depuis son bureau grâce à son smartphone

Manage your vehicle remotely

Optimize your autonomy, plan your journeys, control the load and precondition your ZOE thanks to dedicated services and applications.
Still wondering about electric vehicles?

Estimate your autonomy

Your real autonomy depends on the combination of certain factors:
Renault ZOE - pictogramme compteur de vitesse


The faster you go, the more energy you need to maintain your speed.
Renault ZOE - pictogramme volant

Driving style

Using Z.E. technologies as deceleration or regenerative braking can optimize your autonomy.
Renault ZOE - pictogramme montagnes


Around the coast, your electricity consumption impacts your autonomy. Downhill you recover energy.
Renault ZOE - pictogramme météo

Climatic conditions

On average, the battery Z.E.40 offers a maximum autonomy of 300km in summer and 200km in winter.

Download the Z.E. app Explore and find out if you are Z.E. winter compatible.

Discover the pleasure and the benefits of driving a Zero Emission vehicle!
Download now the Z.E. Explore and experience an electric life.

Recharge your Renault ZOE

At home

Enter a world of sensations

Renault ZOE - focus sur installation prise murale Wallbox


Upon purchase, a wallbox* is given. 
* The Wallbox Home Charge Station must be installed by a licensed professional.
Renault ZOE - Chargeur Caméléon

Caméléon ™ on-board charger

All our ZOE are equipped with our patented Chameleon ™ charger. Depending on the version chosen, it provides a power of 2 to 43 kW on the battery. In just 30 minutes, you can recover a real range of 120 km if you use a suitable terminal.

On public terminal networks

At work

More and more companies are installing charging stations for their employees. Encourage yours to equip them!

During your routes

Find charging stations around Malta
There are various electric car charging points all around Malta and Gozo. Check for the nearest one around you.

On the highway

Thanks to our dedicated applications and services, you can recharge your ZOE and travel with peace of mind.

In your ZOE

Travel with confidence

Display the range with the charging stations and find the nearest terminal for low battery use with the R-LINK Evolution multimedia system.Find a nearby charge point in the Z.E. application Trip from R-LINK Evolution.

Discover its dimensions

Does Renault ZOE fit into your garage?
In the blink of an eye
Overall length
4084 mm
Overall width
1945 mm
1562 mm
Chest volume under tablet
338 dm³
Volume of trunk bench folded
1225 dm³
Renault ZOE - Véhicule garé sur un parking

Design and equipment

Discover the advantages of ZOE through its electrifying design and innovative equipment.

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