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100% electric deliveries

Renault MASTER Z.E.

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Master E-Tech electric


The 100% electric van! 120 km driving range in real conditions*

MASTER E-Tech electric electrifies your journeys. Particularly suited to deliveries in town and the suburbs, the expressive design serves to help your efficiency.

MASTER Z.E. extérieur

A wide selection of versions and options

Choose the New MASTER E-Tech electric that suits you! With three lengths, two heights and two body types (panel van or platform cab), there's sure to be one that will meet your needs.
MASTER Z.E. interior

270° glazed rear door

Opening at 270°, the rear door of New MASTER E-Tech electric adapts to all types of logistics platform. Featuring a built-in magnet, it stays open without effort.
MASTER Z.E. interior

R-LINK Evolution Multimedia System

Make life easier with the pre-installed R-LINK Evolution apps: email, R-LINK Tweet, weather, Renault Assistance, etc.
New Renault MASTER E-Tech electric
MASTER Z.E. interior

Interior design

Custom interior fittings, ergonomic dashboard, R-LINK Evolution multimedia system*, New MASTER E-Tech electric has everything to sweep you off your feet.
MASTER Z.E. interior

Automatic gearbox

For your comfort, New MASTER E-Tech electric includes an automatic gearbox that is smooth, flexible and silent.
* A driving range of more than 80 km, even in the most extreme conditions (heavy load, city driving with frequent stops, winter conditions). Fuel economy in normal conditions can also vary depending on the features you use, your driving style and the road conditions.           

New MASTER E-Tech electric strengths

Why choose New MASTER E-Tech electric?

Stay connected to your vehicle, whether you're on board or remotely

MY Renault Application

Simplify your life on board your electric vehicle. Download the MY Renault application on delivery of your Z.E. vehicle to enjoy Renault Z.E. connected services 100% useful and practical.

Z.E. Trip

With Z.E. Trip, accessible from R-LINK Evolution, you can view the nearest charging points to where you are or your destination and check their availability in real time.


TomTom Traffic gives you access to the best possible traffic information in real time.

Drive electric

MASTER Z.E. autonomie

Driving range

We use our expertise and experience to produce innovations every day, offering you greater driving range.
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Battery & charging

Charging your New MASTER E-Tech electric? It's like filling up... but without having to go to the pump!
MASTER Z.E. electric utility vehicle

Made-to-measure range

Three lengths, two heights, two body types, a large number of options... Discover the full New MASTER E-Tech electric range