Renault CLIO

A sensual design

Exterior design

Certainly inspiring
Intense eyes, sleek lines, redesigned wheels, Renault CLIO inspires your journeys.
Renault CLIO - toit personnalisé

Outdoor customization

Combine our two-tone colour schemes and colour packs to create the Renault CLIO that suits you.
Renault CLIO - design extérieur - phare full LED

Signature headlights

Let yourself be seduced by its new front and back light * full LED shaped "C".

* Rear light signature optional depending on version.
Renault CLIO - design extérieur - jantes Optemic 17 pouces

New wheels

Distinguish yourself. It is your choice between 16-inch and 17-inch aluminum wheels.

Interior design

Unquestionably refined

Sit aboard Renault CLIO and enjoy its refined interior.
Renault CLIO - design intérieur - finition sellerie

Enjoy its neat finishes

With its warm living space, quality materials and clean finishes, Renault CLIO takes you into its elegant and cosy world.
Renault CLIO - design intérieur - habitacle

Personalize your cockpit

The atmosphere of your Renault CLIO conforms to your wishes. The colour of its dashboard and its interior decorations adapt to your personality.