5 Key Points

Renault Genuine Parts reflects the company's knowhow and gives you the best garranty for safety and durability.

1 - Safety
600 engineers and a large R&D budget are devoted to your safety at Renault, making cars and parts as safe as possible. 350 crash tests + 4500 virtual tests are carried out in one year. 8 Renault vehicles obtained the 5 stars rating at the Euro N’Cap crash test. The Genuine parts preserve this high level of security*. *Proof : once reconditioned using Renault Genuine Parts + Renault repair methods, Megane successfully got 5 stars at the Euro N’Cap test again.

2 - Quality
At Renault, we believe in the quality of our Genuine Parts. Every Genuine Part we use for a repairing is 1 year warranted. Renault Genuine Parts are the only ones designed to maintain the highest possible level of quality. To guarantee them an optimal quality, Renault Genuine Parts undergo a large range of tests of efficiency. For example, a genuine shock absorber has to keep 90 % of efficiency after 2 million oscillations of 4 cms in 40°.

3 - Innovation
700 patents are approved each year to improve the qualities of your Renault. The Genuine Parts benefit from these innovations.

4 - Design
You love the design of your Renault? Keep it through the years as beautiful as the original. Only Genuine Parts perfectly fit the car and respect its original design. Thanks to a perfect geometry.

5 - Environment
90% of the vehicle is recyclable through our eco² label.

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