The late Edward Vincenti Kind (1901-1963) was a true entrepreneur who keenly imported an impressive diversity of products which included cosmetics, ladies’ shoes, household goods, radios and passenger cars.

As early as 1929, Mr Vincenti Kind began trading as Auto Sales Co., importing American cars such as Buicks and Chevrolets, followed by Austin and Willys.

Mr Vincenti Kind saw the automotive trade growing steadily up to the outbreak of the Second World War. Immediately after the end of the war, Mr Vincenti Kind was back in business and looking for other makes of cars; he successfully made business contacts with Renault of France and later with Daimler AG of Germany, both leading manufacturers then as now.

By this time, Mr Vincenti Kind’s son, the late Richard Vincenti Kind (1929-1983), having received his early training at the various firms represented by his father, came into the business and by 1953 took over the running of Auto Sales Co., after having bought all the shares.

In 1963, the company was formally registered as Auto Sales Co. Ltd., even though it was popularly known as Kind’s and remains so to this day.

From 1953 to 1978, Auto Sales Ltd. operated from its premises in Gżira, which were becoming too small as the company expanded its operations. By the early seventies, plans were initiated to construct a comprehensive complex to meet the present and foreseeable future requirements of the company’s activities.

The premises at Lija were completed by 1979. Following a recent restructuring, the premises now boast a thirty-two working bay workshop, catering for mechanical electrical, as well as spacious, well lit showrooms to do justice to the beautiful cars housed inside. The workshop is backed by an efficient spare parts department carrying about 15,000 line items.

After Mr Richard Vincenti Kind’s premature demise in 1983, Mrs A. Vincenti Kind together with her four daughters took over the company with the assistance of Mr V. Soler who had been Mr Vincenti Kind’s assistant for over twenty years.

Mr Mario Xuereb acting as General Manager for 14 years, has been supporting the Board of Directors with the active running of the Company on all levels.

The company is today managed by a Board of Directors whose areas of responsibilities broadly include:

Ms B. Bonnici Kind - Sales & Marketing

Ms T. Testaferrata Moroni Viani - Financial Services & Support Services

Ms K. Sammut - Operations

Ms L. Vincenti Kind - Financial Services & Support Services

The company presently employs over seventy persons, each of whom receive regular, comprehensive training directly from the Brands they work on, making them one of the most skilled and expertly knowledgeable workforces within Malta’s automotive sphere.